Historical Knowledge and Timeline of Mithgar

(Parts transcribed from Dennis L. McKiernan or researched from novels)

Objects of Destiny (Red Slippers)

Items of Power
Adon's Hammer (The Kammerling, The Rage Hammer)
Brega's Axe Drakkalan (Eborane, Dark Reaver)
Galen's Sword Steelheart (Talarn)
Three Sets of Warrow Armor (Black Steel, Gold Gilded, Silveron Mail)
Tuckerby's Knife Bane
Glidor's Sword Bale
Riatha's Sword Dunamis
Patrel's Atalar Blade
Bair's Dawn Sword
Aravan's Spear (Krystallopyr and Durlock's Staff)
The Horn of the Reach
Agron's Copper Coin

Iron Tower Gate Ballista
Myrkenstone Knife
Modru's Iron Mask

Grayling's Bow
Gelvin's Doom
Black Throne of Hadron

Good Mages






















Evil Mages


Bela Stoke



Kutsen Yong







High Kings

~1e1, Awain

~1e, Rolun

~1e9252, Bleys
~2e2195, Blaine

~3e, Bain

~3e, Valen
~3e1986, Arkov the Usurper 

~4e1, Reyer

~4e2018, Aurion
~4e2019, Galen
~5e233, Darion
~5e1009, Garon
~5e1010, Ryon











Allies of the High King


Allies of Gyphon

Spawn of Modru
Golden Horde of Jiang
Lakh of Hyree
Askars of Chabba
Rovers of Kistans
Throng of Jung
Fists of Rakka

Elven Kingdoms

Arden Vale
Darda Galion
Darda Erynian
Darda Glain
Darda Falain

Darda Coill

Dwarven Kingdoms

Kachar, Grimwall Mts.
Blackstone, Rigga Mts.
Bluehall, Gelen Mts.
Red Caves, Red Hills
Kraggen-cor, Grimwall Mts.
Quartzen Caves, Quartzen Hills
Mineholt North, Rimmen Mts.
Skyloft Holt, Sky Mts.

Famous Inns of Various Eras

The One-Eyed Crow, Woody Hollow
The Blue Moon, Pendwyr
The Queen's Crown, Koniginstadt
The Silver Helm, Koniginstadt
The Red Slipper, Port Arbalin
The Blue Bull, Budgens
The Thirsty Horse, (Boskydells?)
The Happy Otter, Greenfields
The Red Goose, Bridgeton

The Red Weasel, Vulfcwmb

The White Unicorn, Stonehill

The Blue Crescent, Sabra
The Golden Crescent, Aban
The Red Lion, Dendor
The Sea Horse, Hafen
The Cove, Morkfjord
The Ram's Horn, Inge
The Blue Star, Castilla

The White Falcon, Roadsend

The Broken Spar, Roadsend

The Yellow Lantern, Luren

The White Horse, Jallorby

The Role of the High King

The High King settle disputes between nations of the High King's Kingdom. Since all the nations in the High King's realm pay taxes and homage to him, he is also the one they look to when war threatens their collective hides (as it has been known to do when would-be conquerors like Modru or the Fists of Rakka or other followers of Gyphon try to subdue all). He is the one who suspends all intra-kingdom hostilities and commands the full of the nation's might to repel such would-be conquests. The High King's Navy occasionally takes on the Rovers of Kistan, though the Rovers are a particularly pestilent and persistent foe. So, instead, the High King sends escorts with merchant fleets. And remember, the first High King became High King by whupping the butts of those self-same nations one by one (a strategy we have seen here on Earth, principally, the Romans).

As to Elves and Dwarves, they nominally pay allegiance to the High King, though if push came to shove they would rally with their own against all who would do them ill. The Hidden Ones seem to pay allegiance to no one, though when the bad guys come to call, they will lend support to the High King, mainly by killing bad guys. Some disputes seem to never be permanently settled by the High King, such as the raids between Jute and Fjordland, but periods of peace do manage to occasionally intrude upon these kinds of feuds. So, the High King is the ruler of Kings and the protector of their collective realms.


The Elven Time of Madness...

...and history before the High King...

From the fragmentary evidence I've been able to find (pottery shards, scraps of songs, pieces of scrolls, broken statues, fragments of temple friezes, torn sections of tapestries, and the like), most if not all of the Days of Madness took place on Adonar, though there are indications that some of it took place on Mithgar (the construction of Caer Lindor seems to herald from that time, though other evidence says it came after).

I believe that Aravan was just a callow youth when he was first thrust into those wars. There are hints that Silverleaf was on the other side. Too, it seems that Coron Eiron took part in those wars.

However, the evidence is so fragmentary that I cannot say for certain that any of the above is either true or false.

As to how long Elves were on Mithgar before the first High King... if some of the Madness took place on Mithgar, then it would have been tens of thousands of years if not hundreds.

Trying to assemble that knowledge is extremely difficult, given the derth of reliable evidence. Much of what I have deduced, I've had to rethink due to later findings. You might say that for the most part I am basing much on conjecture, imagination, and whim, along with a bit of logical fabrication (in those places where there are gaps in the evidence ... and there are many, many gaps). Nevertheless, I try to hew to good standards.


Crossings Between the Planes

1) a ring of oaks in the Weiunwood
2) a circle of stones in Rell (Lianion)
3) a small mere in a small clearing in Darda Galion

1) a silver birch grove on Rwn (destroyed at the end of the First Era)

1) Somewhere in Gron in the Gronfang Mountains near Claw Moor/the Iron Tower.

I also know of a four other crossings (which appear in SWBF), but I'll say nothing about them at this time.

As for the locations of all the crossings, I have yet to discover a map or scroll or other document showing where each one is located.


Timeline of Mithgar

**** Warning, spoilers below!!!! ****

1st Era
1E1: High King Awain crowned
Early 1E: Wizards of Black Mountain use The Dragonstone to forge the Pledge, a truce with the dragons of Mithgar; Dragonstone stolen from the Wizards of Xian
1E9252: Felling of the Nine; Egil and raiders board the black wizard Ordrune's ship
1E9253: Demon Ubrix is killed; Dragonstone delivered to the Academy of Mages in Kairn, Rwn
1E9572: Plumes descending from the aurora toward the sea seen by Farrix
1E9573: Farrix sets out to investigate the plumes
1E9574: Jinnarin asks Alamar's aid in finding the missing Farrix; Aravan and the party seek Durlok the mage
1E9575: Durlock destoyed by Aravan; The island of Rwn is destroyed; Dragonstone is presumed lost; Vadaria, home of the Mages is cut off from Mithgar
1st Era ends

2nd Era
~ 2E1400: Modru seduces Andrak to the Dark Side
2E2195: Modru gathers spaunen from Neddra; Ban war begins
2E2200: End of the Ban War; Ban Star seen in the sky for seven night beginning on Year's Long Night; The three prime planes of are sundered; Dalavar and the silver wolves remain on Mithgar; Gargon trapped in Kraggen-Cor
2nd Era ends

3rd Era
3E8: Sleeth invades Blackstone
~3E500: Dragons begin sleep (1000 years: 3E500-3E1500)
~3E1500: Dragons awake (2000 years: 3E1500-4E1500)
3E1578: Elgo and Elyn born
3E1589: Elyn and Elgo's warrior training begins
3E1594: Naudron skirmish
3E1597: Elgo captures Flame
3E1598: Elgo steals Arianne
3E1599: Elgo slays Golga
3E1600: Bram born
3E1601: Sleeth killed
3E1602: Elgo and Brak slay one another; War between Harlinger and Dwarves begins; Quest of Black Mountain begins; Baran slain by Reynor
3E1603: Elyn slain by Black Kalgalath; Black Kalgalath slain by Thork; Quest of Black Mountain ends; Blackstone reclaimed by the Dwarves

3E1986: High King Valen overthrown; entire royal family believed dead 

3E2000: In Valon, Vanadurin defeat the Arkov the Usurper's minions; Valon awarded to the Vanadurin;
3rd Era ends

4th Era

4E1 High King Reyer crowned
~4E1500: Dragons begin sleep (1000 years: 4E1500-5E481)
4E1992: Patrel Rushlock born near Midwood, Eastdell, the Boskydells
4E1995: Tuckerby Underbank born in Woody Hollow, Eastdell, the Boskydells
4E1996: Danner Bramblethorn born in Woody Hollow, Eastdell, the Boskydells
4E1999: Merrilee Holt born in Woody Hollow, Eastdell, the Boskydells
4E2013: Comet Dragon Star flashes through the heavens of Mithgar, pieces fall to the ground; Seen as a harbinger of doom
4E2018: Winter War begins; Blackstone besieged
4E2019: The Deevewalkers pass through Kraggen-cor; The Winter War ends; Blackstone freed; Tuckerby Underbank and Merrilee Holt marry
4th Era ends

5th Era
5E2: Tuckerby's daughter, Raven Underbank, born in Woody Hollow
5E7: Tuckerby begins work on the The Raven Book
~5E40: The Root, Tuckerby's Warren, becomes a museum of the Winter War
5E46: High King Galen dies at Caer Pendwyr during a raging storm; Gareth, his son, becomes High King
~5E47: Many Elves depart Mithgar for Adonar
5E73: At the age of 97, Tuckerby falls ill and passes on Year's End Day
5E91: Merrilee Holt Underbank dies
5E193: Brega, Bekki's son, Delflord, dies at the age of 242; Last of the mortal Heroes of the Winter War passes
5E198: Peregrin (Perry) Fairhill born at the Cliffs
5E205: Cotton Buckleburr born in Brackenboro, the Boskydells
5E222: Perry makes his copy of The Raven Book
5E228: Perry moves to Woody Hollow as new Scholar of The Root; Holly becomes homekeeper of The Root; Cotton is hired a handywarrow of The Root; Perry discovers the Brega Scroll
5E229: Gnar the Cruel arises as spaunen leader in Drimmen-deeve; Raids in Riamon and Valon begin
5E230: Seventh Durek draws up plans to reoccupy the Drimmen-deeve
5E231: Lord Kian examines The Raven Book in Woody Hollow; War of Kraggen-Cor
5E232: Perry writes The Silver Call, a journal of the War of Kraggen-Cor
~5E481: Dragons wake (2000 years: 5E481-5E2481)
5E983: The Dragonstone surfaces near Jinga; Kutsen Yong born on Year's Long Night in Moko
5E988: The comet known as The Eye of the Hunter appears in the skies above Mithgar
5E993: Bair born in Arden Vale on October 9th
5E994: The Golden Horde conquers the main provences of Jiang
5E1003: The Emperor of Jiang's fleet destroyed by typhoon while sailing to invade Ryodo
5E1005: Ryodo falls to dragonfire and the Golden Horde of Jiang
5E1006: Jung and the Ten Thousand Isles of Mordain conquered by the Golden Horde
5E1008: The Golden Horde begins its long conquest westward; Hutar, Sataya, Hmei, and Bulahn fall; Bair and Aravan journey to the Kandrawood
5E1009: Arden Vale attacked by spaunen; Bair and Aravan journey to the Mountains of Jangdi; The Golden Horde marches across Xian and conquers Aralan and Garia
5E1010: Aven falls and Riamon abandoned; Bair and Aravan sail for the Great Swirl; Battle of Argon Ferry and Battle of the Plains of Valon; Adon's Ban annuled; Ways between all the Planes restored
5th Era ends

The Lay of the Iron Tower

(Written by D. L. McKiernan - DD P#256-260)

From frozen north
Comes Vile power:
The Evil One in
The Cold Iron Tower.

His black Vulgs rave
Down through the Land;
Before their fangs
A bold few stand.

He calls the Hordes
Of evil kind;
By terror and fear
To him they bind.

The Swarms invade
To east and west.
The allies stand
To brave the test.

Dark Hordes come
Across the plains.
Many are felled;
Cold Death reigns.

Liege is slain
At the keep.
Few escape;
Many weep.

Challerain falls;
Winter is come;
Terror rules
The north Kingdom

The Hosts of the King
Are fettered in War,
As under the Mountains
Stride the Four.

The Horror is felled;
The Four win free;
To Larkenwold come:
The Land of Eld Tree.

South on the river
Ride the Four;
Then a swift gallop
To the Harlingar.

Vanadurin, Wellenen,
Fly toward the Wastes.
The Darkest Day comes;
Make all haste.

Wellenen and Elves,
Hold the way.
The Host races north
For the Darkest Day.

The Heroes come
To the Cold Iron Tower.
Nine are chosen
To assault the Power.

An arrow is loosed
With no chance at all,
Yet it fells the guard
Atop the wall.

The ravine is crossed,
The stone is climbed:
Eight go up;
One stays behind.

Under the wall
Crawls the one,
And wins to the tower
For the Death of the Sun.

The bridge is felled;
The iron teeth lift;
The strike force charges;
The horses are swift.

Swords are in
Among the foe.
Brave friends die;
Sorrow and woe.

Darkness falls;
The Doom has come.
The Fate of the world
Depends on the one.

Through the window slit
The Wee One tries;
Yet Myrkenstone
Traps Warrow eyes.

Evil chants fall
Upon his ears,
And Gyphon comes
From Beyond the Spheres.

Sped by the bow
Of the brave Wee One,
The red arrow is loosed
To strike the Myrkenstone.

The Myrkenstone dies
In a flare of light,
And the Wee One loses
His power of sight.

Yet Modru is slain,
And Gyphon cast below;
And the Dimmendark falls
To the Sun's bright glow.

The Hordes fall dead
By Adon's Ban.
And southward, too,
The War is won.

Many praised the victory;
Many mourned the slain;
Yet all prayed that nevermore
Would War come here again.

Yes once there was great Evil,
And darkling Shadowlight,
But thanks to many a brave one,
Outside the Sun shines bright.

The Loosing of the Red Quarrel

(Written by D. L. McKiernan - DD P#256)

Loose not the Red Quarrel ere apointed dark time
When through the gate His beauty shines
As the portal of Evil's coming ope's
To crush the good and dash all hopes.
His beauty shields vile as Moon shields Sun.
Destiny asks, "Strike which one?"
An Evil so fair, and an Evil in iron,
High in the tower in the Wastes of Gron.
Neither of the two Evils must thy strike claim;
Instead smite the Darkness between the same.
Loose then the Red Quarrel and free the light.
Loose then the Red Quarrel but lose thy sight.

Epigrams and Quotes

(Reprinted under "fair use" with permission of author, D. L. McKiernan)

"And that is what Evil does: forces us all down dark pathways we otherwise would not have trod." - Rael Crystalseer of Arden, 1/10/4E2019 DT

"The days have now fled, and the 'Darkdays are come upon us" - Gildor Goldbranch, 12/22/4E2018 SD

"But if for no other reason, Evil must be destroyed so that we can once more guide our own destinies." - Rael Crystalseer of Arden, 1/10/4E2019 DD

"...it is the way of our living that is testament to our spirits, and perhaps the way we die..." - Tuckerby Underbank, 2/1/4E2019 DD

Loose not the Red Quarrel
Ere appointed dark time.
Blade shall brave vile Warder
From the deep dark slime. - Othron the Sage, The Iron Tower Trilogy

Neither of two evils must thy strike claim; Instead smite the darkness between the same. - Rael Crystalseer of Arden, The Iron Tower Trilogy

Bright Silverlarks and Silver Sword,
Borne hence upon the Dawn,
Return to earth; Elves girt thyselves
To struggle for the One.

Death's wind shall blow, and crushing Woe
Hammer down the Land.
Not grief, not tears, not High Adon
Shall stay Great Evil's Hand. - Rael Crystalseer of Arden, The Iron Tower Trilogy

"All dreams fetch with a silver call, and to some the belling of that treasured voice is irresistible." - Seventh Durek, 12/13/5E231 KC

"Brega, Bekki's son, strode into legend along a steadfast course of honor. May the span of our strides match his - for that is the true Brega path." - Seventh Durek, 11/3/5E231 KC

"I have walked in Kraggen-cor, a bygone realm of might; but its light is gone, and dread now stalks the halls." - Brega, Bekki's son, 1/18/4E2019 BP

"...stature alone does not measure the greatness of a heart." - Lord Kian, 10/7/5E231 BP

Trump shall blow,
Ground will pound
As Dwarves on horses
Riding 'round.

Stone shall rumble,
Mountain tremble,
In the battle
Dwarves assemble.

Answer to
The Silver Call.
Death shall deem
The vault to fall.

Many perish,
Death the Master.
Dwarves shall mourn
Forever after. - Rime of Narok, Silver Call Duology

"Tell me, my son, what is the color of the Dragon?" ... "Crimson, Master, ever crimson no matter what sees the eye." DM

"Tell me, my son, what is the greatest enchantment of all?" ... "Why, love, Master, love; true love be the greatest enchantment of all." DM

One to hide; One to guide. - Unknown, DM

"Know this, my child, that when iron bells ring they can knell in joy or sorrow." TM

"Know, too, my child, that when iron bells ring we will laugh or weep on the morrow." TM

"Auguries are oft subtle ... and dangerous - thou may deem they mean one thing when they mean something else altogether." EH

"Will they remember us, Aravan? Will Mankind remember us at all?" ... "Mayhap, Gwylly, mayhap. Mayhap in their legends and their fables. Mayhap in nought but their dreams." EH

When Spring comes upon the land,
Yet Winter grips with icy hand,
And the Eye of the Hunter stalks night skies,
Bane and blessing alike will rise.
Lastborn Firstborns of those who were there,
Stand at thy side in the light of the Bear.
Hunter and hunted, who can say
Which is which on a given day? - Rael Crystalseer of Arden, EH

"Fox Rider, Fox Rider, where are you bound? After my true love, wherever he's found. Deep in my dreams the whole world 'round." VF

"Dreams are at time nought but fanciful images in a shifting shadowland." VF

"It is said that when the air is calm and the water nought but a glassy mirror, there is a place in the sea where at times if you are very still ... you can hear bells ringing far below." VF

"Perhaps, Ferai, you are along to make us believe that we indeed have free will." ... "And perhaps, Burel, you are along to make us believe we do not." DS

"The first rule of life is to live." DS

The Cat who fell from Grace;
One-Eye in Dark Water;
Mad Monarch's Rutting Peacock;
The Ferret in the High King's Cage;
Cursed Keeper of faith in the Maze:
Take these with thee,
no more,
no less,
Else thou wilt fail
To find the jaded soul. - Arin Flameseer DS

"But Mithgar . . . Mithgar is yet wild, tempestuous, unkept, savage, turbulent, exciting. We come here to feel alive." IFO

"It's all connected, you know." IFO

"Freedom is not free. . . ." IFI

'Many things lie somewhere, lost in the wreckage of war . . . innocence not the least of these." IFI

Seek the aid of those not men
To quench the fires of war,
Else Evil triumphant will ascend
And rule forevermore. - Rael Crystalseer of Arden, Hel's Crucible Duology

Uthr mnis klno dis . . .

In the time of the Trine,
A Hammer to carry, be wary;

The terrible Wage is Woe and Rage.

In the time of the Trine,
Where the Dragons are found, be bound.

Find the One to smite for Right.

In the time of the Trine,
Unto the trapped King bear Kammerling,

The Greatest Dragon to slay this day.

In the time of the Trine,

Champion of Fate, smite Greater Drake.

In the time of the Trine, the Trine . . .

In the time of the Trine. - unknown, Silver Wolf, Black Falcon

Languages of Mithgar

Compiled from appendices of novels © D.L. McKiernan

Chakur = Dwarven Tongue

Fjordsman = Fjordsmens's Tongue
Jung = Tongue of the Jungers
Naudron = Tongue of the Naudron
OHR = Old High Tongue of Riamon
OP = Old Tongue of Pellar
OR = Old Tongue of Rian
Sluk = Spawn Tongue
Sylva = Elven Tongue
Twyll = Ancient Warrow Tongue
Valur = Jordian; Ancient War-Tongue of Valon

Common Terms of the Men of Mithgar

Valon (Valur)
 Pellar (Pellarion)
Spawn; Spaunen
Wee Folk

Common Terms of the Races of Mithgar

 Warrow (Twyll)
 Elf (Sylva)
 Dwarf (Chakur)
Lian; Dylvan
Lian; Dylvan
Lianen; Dylvanen
Wee Folk

Dictionary of the Races of Mithgar

Chakur (Dwarven Tongue)

Agan na stur ka Dechakka! - Reflect no dishonor upon our ancestors!
Aggarath - Grimspire
Baralan - Sloping land
Chak - Dwarf
Chaka dok! - Dwarves halt!
Chak-alon - Dwarf pure-spirit
Chakia - female Dwarves
Chakian - a female Dwarf
Chakka - Dwarves, of the Dwarves, Dwarven
Chakkacyth Ryng - Dwarvenkith Ring
Chakka shok! Chakka cor! - Dwarven axes! Dwarven might!
Chak-Sol - Dwarf-Friend
Cheol - Yule
chod - lead; literally soft metal of slow harm
Ctor - Shouter
Daun - Dawn
Dok! - Halt!
DelfLord - Lord of the delvings
Deoop - Deep Drakkalan - Dark Shedder
Dusken - sundown
Elwydd, Lol an Adon - Elywdd, daughter of Adon
Faugh! - untranslated exclamation of contempt or disgust
Gaard! - A Wizard word meaning move!; act!
Ghatan - Loftcrag
Ghath - Gargon
Hauk! - Advance!
Hola! - untranslated exclamation used to express surprise or to call attention
Hyranee - men of Hyree
Jarak - Courser
Kala! - Good!
Khana - Breakdeath
Khana Durek! - Breakdeath Durek!
Kistanee - men of Kistan
Kraggen-cor - Mountain-might
Kruk! - Excrement!
Kruk! Dok, praug, dok! - Excrement! Stop, pony stop!
Maht! - Silence!
Maduk - Kraken, evil monster
Mitheor - Mithgar
Mountain - living stone; mountain
Narok - Death-War
Nid pol kanar vo a Chakka! - None shall know of that but the Dwarves!
Ravenor - Stonehelm
Roo! Roo! - I wait!; a horncall
Shok Chakka amonu! - The axes of the Dwarves are are with you!
Sol Kani, den vani dak belka - Friend Wizards, for our lives we thank you
trothmate - husband, wife
Uchan - Greytower
Vorvor - untranslated name of a whirlpool
ziggurt - shatter-rock
zhar - naptha; literally demonfire liquid

OHR (Old High Tongue of Riamon)

myrk - murk
swordthane - sword warrior
Zuo Helan widar iu! - To hell with you!

OR (Old Tongue of Rian)

Ahn! - Ready!; a horncall
Ahn! Hahn! - Assemble!; a horncall
Hal! Aurion ure cynig! - Hail! Aurion our King!
Hal! Heah Adoni cnawen ure weg! - Hail! High Adon knows our way!
Rahn! - Prepare!; a horncall

OP (Old Tongue of Pellar)

Cepan wyllan, Lian; wir gan bringan the Sunna! - Keep well, Lian; we go to bring the Sun!
Hal ure allience! Hal ure bond! - Hail our alliance! Hail our bond!
Hohgarda - High Worlds
Jagga, Rust! Jagga! - Hide, Rust! Hide!
Larkenwald - Lark Wood
Maeg Adoni laenan strengthu yo ure earms! - May Adon lend strength to our arms!
Mittegarda - Middle Worlds
Poeir be in thyne earms! - Power be in thine arms!
Rach! - untranslated expletive
Untargarda - Under Worlds
Weiunwood - wee-one-forest

Fjordsman (Fjordmen's Tongue)

bloodgield - blood money
stad - village
stadfolk - villagers
stadholl - town hall
weregield - doomed gold

Naudron (Tongue of the Naudron)

Daga! Daga! - Kill! Kill!

Sluk (Spawn Tongue)

Arg tha! Shugg du! - You there! Name yourself!
Dolh - Elves
Dolh schluu gogger! - Elf on rack!
Dubh - Dwarf
Garja ush! - Raise her up!
Ghun - gone
Glar! Glar! - Fire! Fire!
Gluktu! - Attack!
Glu shtom! - I would stay!
Gnar skrike! - Gnar commands!
Guk klur glog bleagh. - Eating is better than fighting.
Gulgok - Master
Guttra! - Halt!
Khakt! - Here!
Nabba thek! - Search the dead!
Nabbu gla oth. - Death take you.
Negus - Lord
Ngash batang luktah glog graktal doosh spturrskrank azg! - untranslated invective
Ptang glush! - After them!
Rul durg! - Ready her!
Schtuga! - Fool!
Shabba Dul! - To the Pit!
Shuul! - Guard!
Sklurr! - Now!
Slath! - Stop!
Theck dral, guth! - Get to work, sluggard!
Thuggon oog. Laug glog raktu! - Split in two. Half join the horde!
Tuuth Uthor - dread striker; fear lash
Urb schla! Drek! - All go! Ride!
Ush! - Up!
Vhuul! - Troll!
Vulpen - Vulgs
Waugh! - untranslated exclamation expressing startled fright

Jung (Tongue of the Jungers)

Ghoda rhokho! - Stop your horses!
Kaija, Wolc! - Greetings, Friends!
Kha! - Yha!

Utruni (Tongue of the Utruni)

Ar - the Sun
Dakhu! - Look up!
Shak fhan! - Brace stone!

Sylva (Elven Tongue)

Aevor - Darkwind Mountain; Grimspire
Alor - Lord
Aro! - untranslated exclamation
Chagor - Loftcrag
Cianin Andele - Shining Nomad
Cianin taegi! - Shining days!
Coron - King; also Stormhelm
Coron Eiron, va Draedan sa nond! - King Eiron, the Gargon is dead!
Dara - Lady
Darda Erynian - Greenhall Forest
Darda Gallon - Forest of the Silverlarks
dele - porridge
Draedan - Gargon
Drimm - Dwarf
Drimmen-deeve - Dwarven-delvings
Ealle hal va Deevestridena, sleanre a va Draedan! - All hail the Deevewalkers, slayers of the Gargon!
Eborane - Dark Reaver
Eryn - the color green
Falanith - Valley Rising
Fian nath dairia! - May your path be ever straight!
Gralon - Greytower
gramarye - sorcery
Hal, valagalana! - Hail, vallaint warriors!
Kel! - untranslated greeting
Kest! - Stop!
Kregyn - Gruwen Pass
Lian - First Elves
Lianion - First Land
mian - waybread
Mithgar - mid-earth
Nond? Va Draedan sa nond? - Dead? The gargon is dead?
Ogruthi - Trollfolk
Talarn - Steel-heart
Va Draedan sa nond... - The Gragon is dead...
Vanidar - Silverleaf
Vanil - Silvery
Vani-lerihha - Silverlarks
Vio Gildor! - I am Goldbranch!
Vio ivon Arden. - I am come from Arden
wela - mead

Twyll (Ancient Warrow Tongue)

Chelga! - Stand still and speak your name!
Cor! - untranslated exclamation used to express wonderment
Ellil! - Friend!
faer sylva - fair forest
Hai roi! - untranslated exclamation
Hanlo's Reya - Hanlo's Foxes
Hlafor Galen, tuon nid legan mi hinda! - Lord Galen, do not leave me behind!
Hoy! - untranslated exclamation used to express surprise ot to call attention
Hyranan - a man Hyree
Lawks! - Mercy!
Lor! - Lord!
Lumme! - Love me!
Mandrak - Man-Dragon
Skut! - untranslated exclamation
So ho! - untranslated hunting call, perhaps meaning, here!
Taa-tahn! Taa-tahn! - Rally! Rally!; a horncall
Ta-tahn! Ta-tahn! Ta-tahn! - Attack! Attack! Attack!; a horncall
Thuna glath, Fral Wilrow. - Go in peace, Friend Wilrow.
WanderJahre - Wandering Days

Valur (War-Tongue of Jord)

Ai-oi! - untranslated exclamation used to express astonishment ot to call attention
A-raw, a-rahn! - A foe, alert!; a horncall
A-rahn! - Alert; a horncall
Arn! - untranslated expression used to express ironic reversal
B'reit, Harlingar! - Ready, Sons of Harl!
daemon - demon
Dracongield - Dragon gold
Dwarvenfolc - Dwarvenfolk
faerygield - fairy gold
Garn! - untranslated interjection expressing frustration or an ironic turn of events
Hahn, taa-roo! - Recall, withdraw!; a horncall
Hai roi! - untranslated call of greeting
Hal! - Hail!
Hal, Deva Talarin! Vanada al tro da halka! - Hail Elf Talarin! Together we shall be mighty!
Hal Jordreich! - Hail the realm of Jord!
Hal Vanareich! - Hail our nation!
Harlingar - Harl's blood, Sons of Harl
Harlingar, ot i markere fram... - Sons of Harl, from this point onward...
Hel - Hell
Hola! - untranslated exclamation used to express surprise or to call attention
Hrosmarshal - Horse Marshal
Ic eom baec - I am back
Kop'yo V'ttacku Rutcha! - Now whelm the goblins!
Rach! - untranslated interjection expressing frustration or rage
Ra-tan-ta! - I answer!; a horncall
Raw! Raw! Raw! - Attack! Attack! Attack!; a horncall
Roon! Roon! Roon! - Jordian funeral horncall
Skut! - untranslated exclamation used to express rage or frustration
smut - sooty smear
Stel! - Steel!
Taaa! Taaa! - Forward at a walk; a horncall
Taaa-tan, tan-taaa, tan-taaa! - Till we meet again, fare you well, fare you well!; a horncall
Taa roo, taa roo, hahn! - Come in peace!; a horncall
Tan-ta-ra - Answer me;a horncall
Ta-ra! Ta-ra! - At a gallop! At a gallop!; a horncall
Ta-roo! Ta-roo! Tan-tan, ta-roo! - All is clear! All is clear! Horsemen and allies, the way is clear!; a horncall
Ta-ta! Ta-ta! - At a trot! At a trot!; a horncall
Ta-ti-ta! Ta-ti-ta! - At a canter! At a canter!; a horncall
Tovit! - Ready!
Valanreach - Valon-reich
Vanadurin - Warriors of the Pledge
V'takku! - Attack!
V'takku, Vat! Doda! - Attack, Wind! Kill!
Waldfolc - Wood Folk
weregield - doomed gold
Zlye pozhirately koneny! - Vile gluttons of horseflesh!

Chronology of Mithgar

1E 9252: The Dragonstone

1E 9574: Voyage of the Fox Rider

2E 2195: The Hel's Crucible Duology

3E 1602: Dragondoom

3E 1986: Stolen Crown

4E 2018: The Iron Tower Trilogy

5E 231: The Silver Call Duology

5E 989: Eye of the Hunter

5E 1009: Silver Wolf, Black Falcon

6E 1: City of Jade

McKiernan Info

11/6/12 - At the Edge of the Forest (a parormal-mystery-romance)

1/17/13 - Strange Reflections (All of Dennis' anthologized short stories)

12/3/13 - Dragondoom (ROC reissue)

2/4/2014 - Stolen Crown (3rd Era Mithgar, War of the Usurper, hardcover)

4/2014 - Shadowtrap (a Black Foxes adventure, re-release of Caverns of Socrates)

? - Shadowprey (a Black Foxes adventure, sequel to Shadowtrap)

? - Jezebel (a ghost story)

? - Lord of the Ravens



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