Maps of Mithgar

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Ancient Canvas Map of Mithgar

Drawn by Jack Cook from S.T. Palmer's map based on original © 1996 D.L. McKiernan

The silver tiped roses around the legend box and on the compass are most likely a indication that the map is the work of a Fairhill Warrow. This connection is seen in "The Battle of Wenden Ford" and the "Story of the Roses" (unreleased Mithgar fan fiction by Jack Cook.)

Missing from the scan of the original ancient canvas map are the "Circles of Elwydd' about the edges of the map: Red for Fall/Fire, Silver for Winter/Air, Blue Spring/Water, and Green Summer/Earth.

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The framed "Dragonstone Map" and letter of provenance

Chronology of Mithgar

1E 9252: The Dragonstone

1E 9574: Voyage of the Fox Rider

2E 2195: The Hel's Crucible Duology

3E 1602: Dragondoom

3E 1986: Stolen Crown

4E 2018: The Iron Tower Trilogy

5E 231: The Silver Call Duology

5E 989: Eye of the Hunter

5E 1009: Silver Wolf, Black Falcon

6E 1: City of Jade

McKiernan Info

11/6/12 - At the Edge of the Forest (a parormal-mystery-romance)

1/17/13 - Strange Reflections (All of Dennis' anthologized short stories)

12/3/13 - Dragondoom (ROC reissue)

2/4/2014 - Stolen Crown (3rd Era Mithgar, War of the Usurper, hardcover)

4/2014 - Shadowtrap (a Black Foxes adventure, re-release of Caverns of Socrates)

? - Shadowprey (a Black Foxes adventure, sequel to Shadowtrap)

? - Jezebel (a ghost story)

? - Lord of the Ravens


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